Xerox the World and Call It My Life

Lol, is that the mansion from the super meta episode where they get transported to a parallel universe where they play themselves on a tv show? I swear they must have recycled it on 3 different episodes already.

Oh, shut the fuck up, crickets! Nobody cares about your problems.

Shit, I reached my word minimum and still haven’t answered all the questions. Now I have to play the game where I try to make my remaining points in as few words as possible so as not to go over the maximum.

So according to a Brazilian lady I rang up at the store the other day, Brazilian Portuguese speakers can understand Spanish pretty well (and some French and Italian too), but Spanish speakers usually can’t understand Portuguese.

I mean, I kind of get why it works like that, but also it really sucks. And I feel like it’s probably that way with most of the Romance languages: Spanish seems to have the most straightforward pronunciations, so if you hear a word in Spanish you can probably visualize it and figure out what it would be in your own language, but if you hear a word in Portuguese you’re screwed because THOSE AREN’T REAL DISCERNIBLE SOUNDS THAT THEY’RE MAKING.

Isabella and Fernando should have snapped up Portugal while they had the chance.

Ugh, I hit 50% and now I’m back in a slump. I just don’t want to write this paper anymore. I never wanted to write it, but I convinced myself to do it for a little while, and now I’m back to really, really not wanting to write it.

WHY DID I SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS?!? I should have just dropped out of the Honors Program while I was ahead. I’d better get a big ass medal to wear at graduation, ‘cuz that’s pretty much the only reason I haven’t quit.

Paper completion status: 40%.

I feel like it’s starting to take on a bit of a sassy tone. But it’s hard to maintain an impartial voice that presents all arguments as equally valid (up to the point in paper at which they are disproven) when you’re dealing with completely unsubstantiated diffusionist claims.

Someone tell me to write my damn paper and stop googling Juanes lyrics.

I was reading this article about Fiesta dinnerware, WHICH I LOVE, and got to thinking about how the only thing I would want on my wedding registry would be Fiesta dinnerware, and how wedding gifts are like the only good reason I can think of for getting married, and then I remember that people also give you a shit ton of gifts when you graduate.

I’M SO EXCITED I’M GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE IN A FEW MONTHS! Time to pile on the presents! I may not have any job prospects, but at least the graduation checks are going to start arriving in May.

Liveblogging Supernatural Season 9

Episode 4

  • Product Placement!
  • Also is it sad that Felicia Day reminds me of Carolyn Kraft? Or at least the 99 cent lipgloss on her snaggletooth part?
  • Please let this be a sign that Emily Perkins is coming back. After all, she’s going to be the best lab partner you ever had!

Episode 5

  • what is this motherfucking Dr. Doolittle?
  • honestly this show used to be funny bad but now it’s just sad bad. i’m going back to Grey’s Anatomy. at least they have hot ginger scottish army doctors and a lot of models-turned-actors

Episode 3

This entire episode is just like a sad ode to the state of homelessness in America. Wow, this shit is really depressing.

Of course, it’s not Supernatural without arguing about convenience store food.

Omg, this is so awkward. It’s like watching a tortoise have sex with a puppy. See, I’m not the only one who gagged.

I am now going to foreshadow the next 4 or 5 episodes by rephrasing a quote from She’s the Man:

You know, Dean…—It’s Dean, right? I’m gonna give you just a little advice. Enough is enough! You are weaving a really tangled web. —Like really, really tangled— And honey, you gotta stop! Ok? So you just gotta tell everybody the truth. Be very, very honest. Just let the chips *fall* (makes awkward hand gesture) where they may.

But seriously I take back my wish. Please no more sex scenes unless it involves Jared Padalecki’s superhumanly hunky biceps or Jensen Ackles’s gorgeously toned back. And I know it’s gonna happen eventually ‘cause they did not throw in a hot girl hunter in the last episode for her not to become somebody’s one-night stand. Refraining from objectification is not what this show is about.