Xerox the World and Call It My Life

Eric Stein’s take on this season is spot-on flawless and encompasses everything I’ve been saying about the casting and game structure since the very beginning.

And this is why he is my #1 draft pick for All-Stars 2 and why All-Stars 2 needs to happen ASAP.

And tbh I can’t for the life of me figure out why they didn’t bring him back as a coach on Season 14 because to see him and Dan go head-to-head would have been brilliant.


Still waiting for Derrick to realize that Donny is waaay better than Cody will ever be an take him to the end.

Derrick is smart enough not to take Donny to the end because he knows Donny could beat him. I mean, it would be nice, but it’s never going to happen. Derrick’s best bet for final 3 would be Cody and Victoria (or possibly Caleb and Victoria) because even if Cody wins part 1, Derrick can definitely beat Victoria in part 2 and could probably beat Cody (or Caleb) in part 3, whereas Donny could beat Derrick in part 2 or 3. And everybody knows you pretty much have to win the final HoH to win Big Brother. Not since season 9 has the winner of the last HoH been beaten by somebody they chose to take to final 2. In fact, the final HoH has come in second place only 4 times in the history of juried Big Brother.

Should I teach English in South Korea after I graduate?

I mean, I don’t speak Korean and I pretty much know nothing about South Korea, but they pay better than any other country and offer free housing and pay for your airfare. And apparently they prefer people who don’t speak Korean, so “as to be the best English language examples possible.”

I did really want to go back to Spain, but truth be told, when else would I ever get an opportunity to travel to South Korea? Plus, a lot of people are actually able to save money while teaching there. I dunno, maybe I should just become a nomadic ESL teacher and go to a different country every year… That’ll help me stave off adulthood for as long as possible.

Why is everyone liking Nicole all of a sudden? Can someone please tell me why? Is it her constant bitching that makes her so likable or is it her acting like she’s been playing a clean game? I’m really curious.



You wanna know why? I’ll tell you exactly why: because EVERYBODY else in that house (except Donny) fucking SUCKS major donkey balls. She looks good when compared to who remains in the house: the worst BB “superfan” to ever get on the show; a creepy, inappropriate stalker; a bunch of bros who actively encouraged his stalking and burned Amber at the stake; and one majorly-whiny, slighly-islamophobic, completely irrelevant floater.

And as far as my opinions on the people in the former bomb squad/detonators/whatever alliance go, I respect that they’re playing the game, but I don’t respect the game they’re playing.


Say what you want about Big Brother 15 but if you take away the racism, homophobia, and misogyny it was a far better and more entertaining season than this. These people are so fucking dry they took away the entertaining people from this game and we are left with some of the worst people to grace my screen on TV.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this.


a couple #bb16 facts:

  1. zach is a piece of shit
  2. so is frankie. and christine. and caleb cody and derrick.
  3. there are only three decent people in the house right now: donny, nicole, and victoria
  4. nicole and victoria have both been fucked up during their time in the house and i am not excusing that
  5. but they’ve also both been targets of really cruel and unfair treatment from other houseguests
  6. and in comparing their shitty acts to those of the rest of the HGs they are lower in quantity and mostly far less shitty 
  7. if the two of them teamed up with donny they could do some serious damage
  8. and that’s the best possible outcome for this season at this point

YES! My thoughts EXACTLY.

I hate seeing engagement announcements on Facebook

not because they remind me how non-existent my love life is (I really couldn’t give less of a shit at this point), but because they remind me of what a terribly judgemental person I am.

If you are under the age of 25 and have already been engaged to be married, guess what: I am judging you so hard right now.

Like, you’re 22 and married. Now that that’s over with, what are you gonna do with the rest of your life? Have kids? Ok, now you’re 50 and your kids have long since moved out of the house. You’ve still got 15 years left until you can retire. Then what? You’ve got grandkids, great-grandkids? People weren’t meant to live to see their great-grandchildren! It’s unnatural! Are you still happy being married for twice as many years as you had been alive when you met this person? Did you accomplish everything you dreamed of before you had responsibilities and had to be accountable to people? Did you even have dreams, or was the span between high school graduation and your marriage too short for you to think of any?

I really think that the only people who should be getting married this young are the people who legitimately believe they’ll need more than one shot at being successful at marriage. If you’re really just looking for a starter wife/practice husband, then by all means, proceed.

There’s a reason divorce rates have increased since the 1950s, and it’s not because the quality of marriages is getting worse. It’s because people now realize (a little too late) that they have alternatives

I truly believe every marriage has an expiration date, and it’s just a matter of whether your own comes after or before.

And if any of this offends you… well, you can just go stick an umbrella up your ass because I really don’t care. This is my judgy-judgement zone: haters welcome, negotiators gtfo.